Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger vs Abaranger The Movie Subtitle Indonesia

The Dekarangers respond to a disturbance in the city. On arriving, they find the area under attack from three coloured people. They fight them but they steal Machine Bull to chase a crow, which is apparently their enemy. They crash and are arrested by the Dekarangers. At DekaBase, the Dekarangers discover that their prisoners are Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger.

Doggie learns that the crow is an Alienizer, Ginjifu Seijin Kazakku, who has been stalking the AbaRanger’s friend. After Yukito heals Doggie’s bad back, all the Rangers start looking for Kazakku. Meanwhile, Aburera is introduced to Trinoid #0, Saunaginnan who revives Reversia Seijin Succubus Hells and Speckion Seijin Jeaneio but runs out of power. Ban and Ryoga meet Ryuunnosuke and Yatsudenwani but they are attacked by Kazakku, who steals Yatsudenwani’s things to use as batteries for Saunaginnan.

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Translator ‘kak Aditya
Encode & Uploader ‘kak Rofani