Engine Sentai Go-onger The Movie BUNBUN BANBAN GekijouBANG Subtitle Indonesia

The film begins as Gaiark Pollution Ministers attempt to break the dimensional barriers that separate the Braneworlds, recycling 13 Barbaric Machine Beasts to help them out. The Go-Ongers intercept the Recycle Barbaric Machine Beast Army in their Engines, managing to scrap the 13. However, trio of mysterious warriors appear and their actions result with the Go-Ongers losing the primary Engine Casts while being sucked into the Braneworld known as Samurai World (サムライワールド Samurai Wārudo?), a dimension similar to Edo Japan where power is essential. Attempting to find the missing Engine Casts of Speedor, Bus-on and Bearrv while Jumbowhale and Carrigator work hard to keep the portal between the two worlds open, the Go-Ongers pursue the Honōshū.

After escaping a group of Samurai, the primary Go-Ongers run for their lives before being saved by Tsuki-no-Wa, who brings them to the others. But Raiken and Gokumaru arrive with Hant and Gunpei after taking Birc and Gunpherd’s Engine Souls, forcing the Honōshū to reveal themselves as Engine Souls. However, they are unable to bond with the primary Engine Casts with the Yōma taking them. After learning the Honōshū’s story, the Go-Ongers offer their aid in storming Maki’s castle the day, finding the Sutō siblings who pretend to work for Maki in order to return the Engine Casts to them.

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Alih Bahasa Indonesia ‘kak Ardiansyah
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