Ressha Sentai ToQger The Movie: Galaxy Line SOS Subtitle Indonesia

The movie begins in space with the Galaxy Line Ressha being chased by the Galaxy Shadow Line Darkliner driven by Count Nile. The Shadow Line Ressha fires on the Galaxy Resshas, breaking it apart and sends the front carriage and its female conductor descending down onto Earth.

Meanwhile, the ToQgers are having a normal day aboard the Red Ressha. Mio and Kagura have whipped up a cake, which ends up splatting on Tokatti’s face due to an emergency stop.
The Galaxy Line Ressha crashes into a train yard and Count Nile and his subordinate, Hound Shadow, teleport in to fire on and finish off the damaged train. The ToQger team steams in abruptly and knocks his minion flying. The ToQgers appear in a line and face off against a regiment of Crows, but are overwhelmed by both Nile and Hound Shadow. The Galaxy Line Ressha opens up, pulls in Right and drives off. The remaining members are beaten up and almost face destruction when Zedd calls and orders Nile to the Shadow Line HQ.

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